Windymillers House

“Our Wooden Garden Products Will Make A Real Difference To Your Garden”

View our selection of fine garden windmills, exquisite watermills, refined
wishing wells, nutritious birdfeed and so much more, all available to buy online.

Choose from a large range of quality wooden items that are all handmade by craftsmen with years of experience.

Our range of windmills, wishingwells, planters, bird tables, bird houses and watermills will put the finishing touches to your garden design. These will make you "the envy of your neighbours."

We now also stock a fantastic range of birdfeed and bird feeders that is bound to have a stunning selection of wild feathered friends frequent your garden.

Windmills Birdfeed Lighthouses Bird Tables

We are proud to be home to beautiful copyright designs such as the Tilburg Windmill, the Dorchester Bird Table, the Burgh Watermill, and the Happisburg Lighthouse, all pictured below.

The Tilburg Windmill The Dorchester Bird Table The Burgh Watermill The Happisburg Lighthouse